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Gmail is a free web-based email service provided by Google. With this most trusted email service users can communicate with each other effectively. It’s a most secure mail provider and provides unique features like brilliant spam filters, live chat, plenty of storage, portability and you can also add the plug-in to increase your email productivity. Gmail launched in 2009 at that point of time it started with providing the users with 1 gigabyte storage to one user then along with time the storage capacity of Gmail increased it now provides 15 gigabyte of storage to every user this and many other new features are added to the Gmail email services therefore nowadays Gmail is the most popular email service present in the market.

Fixing Gmail Technical Issues :

If you encounter any issues when you using your Gmail account and need assistance, call at Gmail support number and speak to techies and share your difficulties with them. After listing your issues they will provide you one step solution regarding your problems instantly. Gmail contact number uk directly connects to the experts where you can share your quires. With the deep knowledge and experience in the support field, they will help you in solving mishaps with the easy instructions so that you can understand it very well and easily fix it.

Our team of technicians is available at your service 24*7, the technicians can be asked for assistance at anytime and also the user can be sure of getting the best and the most accurate solution for every major or minor issue related to the e-mail service.

Common issues faced by Gmail users

• Gmail account hacked & blocked.
• Recent message are not showing.
• Large attachments unable to send.
• Gmail account recovery issues.
• Gmail chat is not open.
• Gmail data backup issues.
• Missing emails.
• Unable to change mobile number in Gmail.
• Gmail won’t load.
• Password is not strong enough.
• Privacy settings issues.
• Updating Gmail profile picture.
• Forgot Gmail id.
• Blocked email account.
• recover deleted Gmail account.

Issues covered by our team of technicians

• Unable to access Google backup.
• Fetching mails to the mailbox.
• Auto reply message set up.
• Customization of features.
• Mail compose assistance.
• Password reset support.
• Password mismatch problem.
• Spam related problem.

Warning: Do not leak any password or private information related to your Gmail account.

Solutions to some of the common Gmail issues

How to recover a deleted Gmail account?

Deleted your Gmail account by mistake? Do not worry the deleted account can be recovered easily you just need to follow the right procedure. In order to recover a deleted Gmail account it is advisable that the user follows the below given steps-

• First of all go to the Gmail log in screen.
• Then enter the email address of the account that is deleted and further click “next”.
• As you see the email not recognized message on your screen then below that click “need help”.
• Then in the window that appears click the option “I am having other problems signing in”.
• Then enter the email address and further click “continue”.
• In the window that appears enter the contact number for receiving the code.
• Enter the code received in the box that appears then click “continue”.
• Then conduct a password reset enter the new password and then get it confirmed.
• In the next window that appears you will see a confirmation of your password change.
• Then click the button “review my recovery info”.

You will be directed to “sign in and security page” there on that page you will get all the other additional details related to your account and also your account will be ready for use again.

How to recover archived or deleted mails in Gmail?

If you need to recover any of your archived or deleted mail then for solution to that it is advisable that you follow the below given steps-

In case of archived mails –

• Search for the mail.
• Select your mail that is to be recovered.
• Then click the label icon.
• Further select the label.

In case of deleted mails-

• Click Gmail icon.
• Then click trash and from there select the mail to be recovered.
• Click the “move to inbox” icon.
• Select a label.

Note- A deleted mail automatically moves to the trash section and it remains there for around 30 days and then it automatically gets deleted after 30 days. A mail that is deleted from trash as well gets permanently deleted and cannot be recovered anyhow.

How to fix unable to send or receive mails?

If your e mail is not working properly and you are unable to send or receive mails and you are unable to get it fixed then you will just have to follow some easy steps in the right direction and the problem will be fixed.

For troubleshooting the email follow the given steps-

• See to it that there is no particular technical error that is to be fixed for checking that get a service status page printed.
• See to it that there is no issue with the email account or the email service software.
• See to it that you are not sending too large of a mail as that might land you into troubles.
• If in case your email account is full then get it cleared so that the server will be able to accommodate more and more mails in the inbox.

The problem related to send and receive of mails will be easily fixed by the help of above given troubleshooting steps.

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