Hotmail email attachments won't open issues

Hotmail is one common platform that most people still are using for sending and receiving emails. One essential aspect of this platform is to attach the various attachments while sending the emails. Though over the years the platform has served its users without any problem while attaching the various attachments but with time there have been some problems with the opening of the attachments.

This problem may look simple and common but it can cause serious trouble, if left unsolved and unnoticed. This is where you can try getting the desired assistance from the Hotmail customer support number UK.

If you too are struggling with this problem and are looking for the perfect solution for your problem then this article would be the desired help that you can get for your problem and struggle.

Reasons for the Hotmail email attachments won't open issues:

If you are unable to open the Hotmail email attachments, then the possible reason for this could be the incompatible format of the file or some problem from the server. However, this may not be the case for all the problems due to which the attachments of the Hotmail won't open. This problem can also be because of these possible reasons:

1. Incompatible File Format:

This is one of the common reasons due to which you may not be able to open the attached files in Hotmail. There are many files which need different software for opening them or allowing the users to access them. Thus, if on the other hand, the user doesn't have that particular software then it would be impossible to open and access that file.

Possible solution:

The possible solution for this could be to raise a request to the sender for converting the file in the wide compatible format or to simply download and install that particular software for gaining the access and opening the attachment.

2. Blocked Attachments:

In accordance for maintaining the safety and authenticity of the attachments on the platform, sometimes Hotmail blocks some of the attachments which it considers to be unsafe and unauthentic.

The blocked attachments could be of any format and it could get blocked due to any reason. The attachments blocked due to this reason can then flash the message like "Windows Live Hotmail has blocked some attachments" and this is where you can be sure about the blocking.

Possible solution:

Unfortunately, there is no solution by which you can open these attachments. These attachments lose the desired access permanently. Therefore, it is suggested to attach only those files which you consider as safe and authentic.

3. Attachment is not of the required size:

There can be some issues and problems while opening the attachments if the attached files are of inappropriate size. If the attached files are too large or if they are too small, they might cause a problem while accessing and viewing them.

Possible solution:

The best solution that can be tried in this case is to ask the sender to first compress the file into the compressed file format and then attaching them in Hotmail. Hotmail won't make any problem if the attached files are within the specified size limits. You can try compressing the files in ZIP, RAR or any other compressed file format.

4. Hotmail settings:

Another possible reason due to which the attached files in the Hotmail attachments won't open is due to the platform settings that the users might have done. While there can be the case that the sender or the receiver might have blocked the ‘unknown source' from performing the required action.

This hinders the other party to open as well as view the attached files in the Hotmail platform.

Possible solution:

The best and the possible solution for this can be to unblock the ‘unknown sources' to send and receive the emails in the platform along with allowing the attachments to get opened as well as viewed by the users.

For any other issue or reason due to which you are unable to open the Hotmail email attachments, you can reach out the Hotmail help number UK. All the professional team members will certainly assist you with the best possible solutions.

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