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Hotmail probably called Window live mail. It’s a free email service application that is founded by Microsoft. It can be accessed from any web browser. It’s the most trustworthy email platform and first email application that is launched by Microsoft. By Hotmail user can send and receive email effectively. The user can make the group and chat with their friends easily. With this online email service, you can send and receive large attachments effortlessly.

Features of Hotmail :

• Easily get large media attached to the mails.
• Receives and sends emails.
• Address book storage feature.
• Hotmail also allows easy exchange of audios, videos, graphics, and images along with the text.
• Provides a highly safe and secure environment.
• Keeps away the spam emails.
• Deletes the unwanted messages within a span of 90 days.

Though this is one email service that has the trust of Microsoft associated with it but still as it has a lot of technicalities associated with if the users of Hotmail are often seen stuck into many technical errors and issues and fixing these issues without proper knowledge of techniques or without proper guidance from the trained and skilled experts is not possible therefore connect with the technical team at Hotmail Customer Service UK.

Common issues Faced while using Hotmail

• Email stuck in draft.
• Log in issues.
• Unable to send or receive emails.
• Enable/Disable Pop up notifications.
• Unable to load.
• Mailbox running sluggish.
• File Scanner doesn’t work.
• changing secondary email address.
• Crashing of the Mail Box.
• Unable to access Mailbox on phone.

Issues covered by the experts

• Contacts synchronization support.
• Procedure to block a recipient.
• Hotmail account configuration help.
• Account security from viruses.
• Password reset procedure.
• Enabling chat feature.
• Guidance for access to security settings.
• Instant telephonic assistance for hacking issues.

How to send an Email through Hotmail stuck in the draft?

If an email is stuck in the draft then to get that out of the drafts the user needs to follow the below given steps-

• Open the message for that double clicks the draft folder.
• Review the message.
• Edit the message if needed.
• Then, click the send button.

If in case you need to delete the message from the draft then, in that case, click in order to select the message that is to be deleted then drag that message to the deleted items or to the mail trash box.

How to fix a hacked Hotmail account?

If somehow your Hotmail account has been hacked then you can easily get that fixed by various methods some of those methods are discussed below in proper details –

Changing the password-

• Log in the account.
• Then press the gear icon in order to access the settings.
• Then from the menu select “more mail settings”.
• Then click “account details” in order to access the language menu.
• Then click “change password”.
• Enter old and new passwords in the respective fields and then press “save”.
• Log in your account in order to get the new passwords verified.

Regaining access to the account-

• Open Microsoft login page.
• Click the option forgot my password.
• Then, select the option “I think someone else is using my Microsoft account”.
• Enter the suspected e-mail address in the text field.
• In the next field enter the captcha.
• Then select the method to get the security code.
• Enter email address for recovery.
• Fill the form with all the information.
• Reset the password.

Resetting the account’s language –

• Log in the recovered account and then press the gear icon in order to access the settings menu.
• Then, from the menu that appears select “More mail settings”.
• Then, click “language “in order to access the language menu.
• From the list that appears to select your desired language and further click “save”.

How to fix unable to open Hotmail inbox?

In order to fix the above-given Hotmail issue follow the below given steps-

• Conduct a date and time reset on the system – If in case the date and time are not accurate on the system then Hotmail may create issues while opening the mails.
• Get the web browser cache cleared.
• Change the web browser security settings.

Why connect with the Hotmail experts?

In order to fix the above-given Hotmail issue follow the below given steps-

Fixing the technical errors and issues related to the webmail is a bit tricky and that needs support from the trained, skilled and certified technicians, we can assure you of instant solution that too in the most accurate manner. The technicians are available at your service round the clock. There is no such issue related to the Hotmail that cannot be fixed by the team of technicians.

The technicians are specially trained for handling and dealing with the issues related to Hotmail services, Hotmail is very much popular among the users for various features that it offers to the users in order to provide them with the best experiences but the technical aspect can only be understood by the people who have deep knowledge and good experience of the technologies.

We the technicians sitting at the Hotmail helpdesk do understand that hot mail is a vital part of people’s day to day life and therefore none of the users can afford long technical issues in the services related to Hotmail therefore we try our best to provide the user with instant solutions along with total accuracy and also the guidance provided by the technicians is given out in a way so that it becomes easy for the users to understand and follow the instructions further while fixing the problems.

Our team is totally dedicated to the satisfaction of the customer providing 100 percent satisfaction is the prime motive of Hotmail technical support. The technicians are always happy to help.

Disclaimer : We are a team of trained and certified technicians sitting at your service, we are totally independent and are not affiliated to any particular brand. Our team is a well known name in the online support service providing market we are serving the web mail users from a very long time period.