How to fix sending and receiving mail issues on TalkTalk webmail service?

TalkTalk is a webmail service that is an emerging name in the market of webmail services among all other such services that are running in the market. This is a mail service that has a very easy setup and also has a lot of features to offer to the users around the globe. Though this is a fact that the features associated with this service further attract more users towards it but at the same time another fact is that if in case this service ever gets into any sort of technical glitch then that can be a reason for huge losses to a lot of people.

Therefore as and when a user gets stuck into any sort of glitch or error with this service then it is advisable that he or she gets connected with the expert and gets the issue resolved instantly. There are many common issues and errors that the users get to deal with while using a TalkTalk mail account such as Id log in related issues, Password related issues, set up related issues and a lot more but here in this particular blog, we will only focus on the issues related to sending and receiving emails.

If in case you are unable to send emails from your TalkTalk account then, in that case, follow the below-given steps to resolve this issue-

First of all, check if you are able to send that mail using some other ports

• Then in the folder pane right-click the account name and select properties
• Then on the servers tab click the option “My server requires authentication”
• You can change the port if needed on the advanced tab
• Check the outbox for any unsent messages lying there.
• Once you are done then compose a test message for yourself and send that in order to check.

If in case you are unable to receive emails on your TalkTalk account then for a solution to that follow the below-given steps –

• First of all check the folders there is a possibility that the Emails are going into some folder directly and not in the inbox.
• Then check the list of sender’s blocked by you if in case you have mistakenly blocked the person sending you the mail then in that

case you first need to unblock him or her then only you will get the mail

• After that select “settings” from the left menu
• Then select mail
• Get down to filters in order to check the list of blocked senders if in case you see the sender there then select the Email and press the delete button.
• Ensure that the email forwarding option is not turned on
• Then at last try sending the mail to some other Email address that is working and check if it is received there or not if in case it is received there then the fault is with the original email address.

I hope the above-given guidance will easily get you out of the sending and receiving mails issue on your TalkTalk account.

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