How to Fix some of the common Thunderbird Issues?

Thunderbird is an emerging name in the Email service this particular webmail service is a product of Mozilla Firefox. This particular webmail service makes it easy for users to communicate with each other through the exchange of emails. This is one mail service that is getting popular among the users around the globe because of the long list of attractive advanced features that it offers the users with.

But it is often seen that these same features to put the users into some or the other technical trouble and thus the important task of the users do get affected as it gives a direct adverse effect on the communication of the users. For the solution to any such issue, it is advisable that the user gets connected at Thunderbird support number.

Here in this particular blog, we will discuss how some of the very common Thunderbird technical issues can be resolved in order to keep the smooth working of the system maintained.

Thunderbird not responding – if in case your Thunderbird mail is not responding then in order to get the issue fixed the user should follow the below given steps-

• Get the windows started in safe mode
• Try switching off your antivirus software and then again get it restarted
• Once you get the software restarted then set updates to occur on the specified time
• Then get the specific folders excluded from scanning on your antivirus software, the Thunderbird mail will now start responding

Thunderbird freezing on startup- if in case your Thunderbird mail gets freezes on startup then for a fix to that follow the below-given steps-

• Close Thunderbird then open the profile manager
• Then create a new profile change the profile name to something other than the default name given
• Ensure that it's working as in it is sending and receiving the emails
• Then get the new extension installed

Your frozen thunderbird account will be back to normal working after the above given steps.

Adding new signature to Thunderbird account – if you need to add a signature to your Thunderbird account then follow the below-given steps-

• In the Thunderbird account select tools and then click “Account settings”
• Then in the left pane click and select the account for which you want to get the signature added.
• In the right pane put a check mark on the box given against “Attach the signature”
• Then direct the way to the text file that has the signature it it • Click “ok” to confirm.

HTML Signature creation on Thunderbird- For creating an HTML signature on thunderbird follows the below-given steps –

• Search for an HTML signature generator
• Click on create a free email signature
• Then enter the details needed in the signature
• Then click the social tab
• Click on each and every social media tab that is to be added
• Then type and paste the URL
• Then click the design tab
• Then select your layout options

Disabling Mozilla crash reporter tool in Thunderbird – If you need to disable Mozilla crash reporter tool then for that follow the below-given steps –

• Open “my computer” then go to the installation directory of the application
• Search for “application in” open it in word pad
• Then change the value of enabled to 0
• Get the file saved
• The crash reporter window will no longer be visible

NOTE - In the upgraded versions of Firefox the crash reporter can be disabled by simply using the Firefox preferences for that open the “ Firefox options” then go to “advanced section” then further click on “data choices tab” then uncheck “enable crash reporter” This blog covers almost all the issues and errors that a Thunderbird user usually gets to face.

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