How to troubleshoot various issues and errors related to Gmail?

Gmail is one of the most popular webmail services that have a huge user database, along with an easy exchange of Emails this particular service offers a lot of other prominent features that make it easy for the user to communicate with the people around the world.

But, it is often seen that as Gmail has a lot of complicated errors and issues that it gets to deal with on a daily basis in order to get the issues fixed so that to maintain the smooth and easy working of the service.

Here in this blog, we will particularly discuss how a user can easily fix some of the common issues related to the Gmail service.

Given below are detailed solutions of some real common issues faced by the Gmail users-

How to unblock a blocked email account?

There are three ways how a user can get an email account unblocked.

Opening a password blocked email account –

• Open the web browser on the system and then visit the login page of Gmail.
• There on the page click, the forgot password link.
• As you get an access to the password recovery page then there enter an alternate email address.
• Before receiving a temporary password you need to fill out a form with some of your personal information related to the account this will prove you to be the real owner of the account.
• Once your answers get evaluated you will get the password on the alternate email address provided by you. You can now easily access your blocked Gmail account.

Opening accounts blocked by Gmail-

• Open the web browser and then go to the login page of Gmail.
• As the page opens click on the “help” link this will take you to the Gmail help section.
• Search for the Gmail contact and then connect with the executive and follow the instructions provided by him.

Opening blocked company Emails-

• Connect to the IT department.
• Wait for the IT team’s directions.

How to fix “Gmail won’t load” error?

In order to fix a Gmail that refuses to load follow the below-given steps-

• First and foremost see to it that the web browser in use is well compatible with the mail service.
• Check all the browser extensions and applications.
• Clear the history, cache, and cookies from the browser.

You will be able to get Gmail loaded easily.

How to fix a hacked Gmail account?

In order to fix a hacked Gmail account follow the below-given instructions –

• First of all, check your other internet accounts.
• Run and maintain a good antivirus software on the system or your device.
• Use the two-step verification for strengthening the security of the account.
• In order to turn on the two-step verification of the account go to the Gmail login page.

I hope this blog provides the solution to almost all the issues and errors related to Gmail account.

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