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Thunderbird is an open source for email developed by Mozilla, this is an email service that has a lot of advanced features and a lot of the latest techniques, this is one particular mail service that has a long list of features to offer to the user, this is one among the most trustworthy webmail service platforms present in the market.

Using Thunderbird mail service makes it easy for the users to exchange emails also it allows the users to get in touch through calls and chat option. Nowadays communication has become a vital part of every individual’s life be it at the personal level or professional levels. Along with time, the need of such mode of communications has increased this is the reason why Thunderbird mail service came into existence under Mozilla banner.

However, as it is a service based on many advanced techniques and features, therefore, it often gets into many technical errors and issues for which it is advisable that the user connects with the team of trained technicians at thunderbird support.

Issues covered by the experts in case of Thunderbird Email are as follows

• Email is sluggish.
• Mail send or receive issues.
• Unable to delete emails.
• Account closed unexpectedly.
• Verification code issue.
• Cannot compose emails.
• Email hacked.
• Not starting Email service
• Not opening in windows.
• Thunderbird freezes on startup.
• Email crash.
• Emails not downloading.
• Email password issue.
• Messages not working.
• Thunderbird not responding.
• HTML signature issues.
• Log in issues.
• I MAP issues.
• Set up on I phone.
• Unable contact sync
• set up on Mac.
• I Phone contacts export
• Email transfer to I pad.
• Thunderbird set up.
• Connection to the server issue.

Given below are resolutions to some of the common problems faced by the users while working on Thunderbird mail service

How to synchronize Thunderbird with an I phone?

For synchronizing thunderbird with an I phone follow the below given steps –

• On the main menu screen click “App store icon”.
• Then click the search icon in order to open the search input box.
• In the field enter “Funambol” and then click “free”.
• Then click install then enter I tune password in the password field.
• Then click “ok” button.
• Then open a web browser go to “Funambol” website and get an account created.
• Click the resources tab on the website then search and download the plugin.
• Open Thunderbird email client.
• On the top toolbar click “Tools” further click “Add-ons” button.
• Then click the install button, A file selector opens.
• Search and click the plugin that was downloaded.
• Click the fundamental sync client further click “sync all”.
• Click the Funambol icon.
• Enter your user Id and password in order to log in.
• Click “Funambol menu icon” further click “sync”.

How to rebuild a Thunderbird folder?

In order to rebuild a Thunderbird folder follow the below-given steps-

• First of all turn off automatic mail checking.
• Right-click the folder that is to be repaired.
• From the menu that appears click “properties”.
• Then go to the general information tab.
• Then click the repair folder. • Click ok.

How to rebuild multiple folders on thunderbird?

In order to rebuild multiple folders on thunderbird follow the below-given steps-

• Ensure that Thunderbird is not running.
• Open Mozilla Thunderbird profile directory.
• Search for the corresponding files for which you need to build the folders.
• Move those files to the trash.
• Then start thunderbird.

The removed index files will be built easily.

How to access inbox on Mozilla Thunderbird?

In order to access inbox in Mozilla Thunderbird follow the below given steps-

• First of all, enable pop access in the inbox.Com. • Then select tools click on “account settings” in the Mozilla Thunderbird menu.
• Then click add account.
• Ensure email account is selected.
• Then click continue.
• Then under “select the type of incoming server, you are using” select pop.
• Then under incoming server enter “”.
• Then click continue.
• Enter a new name for your

You will start receiving messages in your Thunderbird inbox.

How to send emails through Thunderbird?

In order to enable sending follow the below-given steps –

• First of all in the list of account on the left highlight outgoing server.
• Then click add.
• Enter under the server name field.
• Check the username as well as password.
• Enter full under the server name.
• Then click “ok”.
• Then highlight account created earlier.
• Then under outgoing server ensure the inbox is selected.
• Then click ok.
• Then click done.

You can check the status of the emails that are to be sent in the sent folder.

Why connect Thunderbird support?

Thunderbird is very easy to use service but as it is a web service that is standing on the foundation of a lot of complicated advanced techniques, therefore, it is advisable that the user connects with the trained team of technicians at Thunderbird email help. As and when needed as the team is an accurate assurance of solutions and also is available 24*7.

Our support package includes-

Easy to follow guidelines
24*7 experts available
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