Troubleshoot AOL mail issues on Android

The well-known and popular AOL mails are the web-based email services which are provided by AOL, a division of Verizon Communication, for free. These emails are also referred to as AIM emails or AOL Instant Messenger. This service was launched in the year 1993 and till then many essential and noticeable changes have been made in the application which has been accepted by the users.

Irrespective of the possible benefits that these AOL emails offer to its users, there are some AOL mail issues that you might face. Interested in knowing more about these issues?

Possible reasons for the problem:

Wondering what can be the possible reasons for this problem? If so, then here are some of the main reasons that might be causing you this problem:

1. Antivirus trouble – sometimes the installed antivirus on the Android device may come in between the successful and effective working of the AOL mails on the Android devices

2. Disapproval from security settings – make sure that all the security settings of your Android devices are in favor of the working of the AOL mails and are not disapproving them

3. Device accessibility – all the available features of the AOL mails should be allowed the needed accessibility on the Android device for the successful function

4. Change the settings – make the required necessary changes in the AOL email account for avoiding any possible issues

If you are facing any troubles with your AOL mails, other than these issues, you should get in touch with the AOL help number UK for the required assistance.

Steps to be followed for the troubleshoot AOL mail issues on Android:

Don't worry if you want to access your AOL mails while you are away from your system. You will never lose the access to the required mails by making the use of the AOL app, mobile browsers, etc. However, if you face any problem with the accessing of the AOL mails or encounter any problem with the AOL mail issues, these possible things can help you get the required response:

1. Click on the Email application:
As the first step in the process, click and open the email application of your Android device

2. Add account:
As soon as you open the email application of your Android device, click on the ‘add account button' available on the screen. With this, enter the account details and credentials

3. Manual Set-up:
As the following step, you need to set up the incoming and outgoing details of the server. On the home screen, click on the ‘manual set-up' options

4. IMAP account setting:
For the incoming settings of the server, click on the IMAP account setting and then proceed with the following steps:
• IMAP server –
• Port – 143
• Security type – None
After this, click on the ‘Next' button available

5. SMTP account settings:
Next, you will get the setting options for the outgoing messages. For this, follow the following steps:
• SMTP server –
• Port – 587
Post that, click on the ‘next' button available on the screen

6. Re-enter the account details:
For making the following changes to your account, you may have to enter the account details again. This will confirm the changes made to your account and thus will generate the desired results

7. Restart the device:
To ensure that all these changes have made their required place in the device and you are now able to access all the desired features of the AOL mail, restart your device and then try accessing AOL mail

Though these steps will bring the desired result against the AOL mail issue but if you still need any assistance, you can always get in touch with the AOL support number UK.

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