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Yahoo is the oldest mail service that is in use from then till now it has been working efficiently from the year 1994 over the years Yahoo established itself as the most preferable mail service. The reason why nowadays yahoo is preferred by most of the internet users around the globe is that Yahoo is the single mail service that offers so many features for the users to deal with, these features further to make it easy for the user to use the services offered by Yahoo.

These features are actually the result of many advanced technologies and therefore the user needs proper knowledge in the technical field in order to keep the working of the mail service smooth. If in case the user gets stuck anywhere with the techniques then to get the technologies fixed it is advisable that the users ask for help and support from the trained and skilled professionals at Yahoo Support Number uk. The Yahoo tech professionals are specially trained for dealing with all the problems, errors and issues that are related to the service.

Some of the yahoo mail service features are given below :

• Yahoo offers not just the mail service but also it has other services to offer such as yahoo answers, messenger, yahoo search engine and group chats.
• Yahoo also keeps updating the users with the help of notifications about the new updates
• The mail templates are very easy to use
• Unwanted mail data is saved for 90 days and then gets deleted automatically
• The storage capacity of the service is 25 GB including the images as well as the documents
• High-level security
• Yahoo provides the contacts saving option and also provides with regular notifications for important events and dates
• The flicker feature helps the user to keep all the videos and images saved.
• Yahoo has also got a mobile application launched for the users

Though yahoo mail service is very user-friendly as far as its designing and features are concerned yet it is seen that the user sometimes gets stuck into some unavoidable technical errors and issues that can only be fixed under proper guidance and support.

Given below are some errors and issues covered by the technicians

• Page not found 404 errors
• Bad gateway
• Service unavailable
• Connection timeout
• Unable to connect
• Content warning
• Pop-ups notifications
• Send or receive email issues
• Log in issues
• The message stuck in outbox
• Unable to send large attachments
• Chat option not displaying
• Password recovery
• Emails recovery
• Email ID recovery
• Mail updates issue
• Mail not working on I phone
• Mail set up issues
• Mail sluggish
• Account sync errors
• Mail not compatible with HUB
• Mail not working on android
• Authentication issues
• Mail not opening attachments
• Mail account configuration
• Mail account configuration on the outlook
• Can’t attach files in mails
• Mail attachments not downloading
• Can’t download the zip file from mail
• Messenger I phone not notifying

There is no such issue related to the yahoo mail that cannot be fixed by the technicians sitting at the help desk. Also, the technicians are available for help and support 24*7 the users can connect with the technicians as and when needed.

Given below are resolutions to some very common issues related to the yahoo mail service –

How to resend an unsent email in yahoo mail on I phone?

If you need to resend a message that is left unsent then, in that case, follow the below-given steps-

• See to it that your device has an active internet connection
• In the mail, application click on the mailboxes
• In the mailboxes click the outbox in order to get a view of all the unsent messages
• Then in order to resend an unsent message pull down the pull to refresh option to the outbox screen till you get to see the spinning indicator. Click on that and get the message sent again.

How to change phone number/ email Id on yahoo account?

If you need to change the phone number or your Email ID on yahoo account then for that follow the below-given steps –

• Log in your account with the registered email ID or phone number
• Then click edit account button
• Click change option given next to the email ID field or the phone number field
• You will be directed to the page where you can get the ID or the phone number updated
• As you see the notification then log in your email account with the updated information.

How to turn off yahoo accounts in yahoo applications?

If you need to turn off yahoo accounts in yahoo applications then, in that case, follow the below given steps –

• Select the account that is to be turned off
• Click “manage accounts”
• Then pull the slider towards the option “off”
• The yahoo account will be turned off easily.

The significance of Yahoo support

Yahoo is the most advanced email service running in the market at present and because of its features and technologies it sometimes gets the user trapped into complications which can only be best handled by the trained and experienced technicians also, the technicians are an assurance of accurate as well as early solutions.

Some notable features of our support services-

• Instant and accurate solutions
• Technicians available all the time
• 100 % attention to each customer
• Solutions for all issues under one roof

Disclaimer : We are a team of trained and certified technicians sitting at your service, we are totally independent and are not affiliated to any particular brand. Our team is a well known name in the online support service providing market we are serving the web mail users from a very long time period.